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Hi, I am Janet McNamee. Welcome to my blog about the everyday stuff that inspires my screen printed textile designs.

"Off with her head!"

By jupiterred, Apr 29 2015 12:10PM

Bit harsh.

Alice in Wonderland is 150 years old this year. Let's have a tea party to celebrate - and maybe a nice new tea towel? Anyway, it's a good excuse, not that I needed one, to re-read my old well-worn copy of the book.

I chose one of Tenniel's original illustrations for my design. I love his characterisation of the feisty old Queen of Hearts.

I wanted to make a design for a tea towel that could be folded in half and used as a placemat too. I thought a playing card design would work. So. Big pot of coffee, plenty of Photoshop eraser, a nice oldey-worldey font, and some beautiful natural coloured Irish linen...

Now we just need some wee cakes. And more coffee. Or tea. Or a glass of prosecco....

You can buy the tea towels in the shop HERE

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