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Hi, I am Janet McNamee. Welcome to my blog about the everyday stuff that inspires my screen printed textile designs.

New blog, new studio...

By jupiterred, Apr 11 2014 09:50AM

Hallo! I thought I'd start by sharing my new print studio - the best birthday pressie ever. It arrived, not wrapped up with a big bow, but flat-packed on the back of a truck on the wettest, windiest day back in January. With no forklift available we had to unload it bit by bit into the back garden where it lay looking a bit sad until the rain eventually stopped. Then the giant jenga game began. It's 5 X 3 metres, so plenty big enough for my screenprint table, a washout sink, a mixing table, and a desk area too, but it's also small enough to feel cosy and inspiring. I will share some photos of the inside soon but I really need to give it a good tidy up first! See how we built it here

My lovely new print studio
My lovely new print studio
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