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Hi, I am Janet McNamee. Welcome to my blog about the everyday stuff that inspires my screen printed textile designs.

From sketchbook to silkscreen

By jupiterred, Apr 30 2014 08:35PM

For anyone who is interested in how the designs are developed, here’s a little bit about the process, I always start by collecting photos, sketching, and looking at colours and shapes. Above you can see some studies of flax plants.

I needed an all-over small scale print and knew these dried flax pods would make a good pattern to compliment my other flax patterns:

Sometimes there’s a lot more sketching and drawing, but for this pattern I drew a simple motif and then went straight to Adobe Illustrator to play around with layouts. The spaces between the motifs can create secondary patterns, can you see the heart shape in the yellow design? I liked the bottom left design, it reminded me of diagonal weaving:

The design is then transferred onto a silkscreen, ready to print:


You can see the finished printed fabrics in the Jupiter Red shop.

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