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Hi, I am Janet McNamee. Welcome to my blog about the everyday stuff that inspires my screen printed textile designs.

'Tis the season (sorry!)

By jupiterred, Oct 2 2014 03:47PM

I spent a ridiculous amount of time recently shopping online for a new wall clock. I wanted a sunburst frame but had no idea there were so many designs to choose from. I've used some of my favourites to make a new pattern for napkins.

It's a shame that most of us only use fabric napkins at Xmas time, when they can make even the simplest meal feel special. Anyway, here they are, the Not Just For Xmas Napkins.

It's not a xmas pattern. It does have a wee bit of a snowflakey feel, but because it's a sunburst pattern it should work just as well for summer parties. You can use them more than once a year is all I'm saying! They are available in the Jupiter Red Shop. Go on, spoil yourself x

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