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Hi, I am Janet McNamee. Welcome to my blog about the everyday stuff that inspires my screen printed textile designs.

By jupiterred, Jun 17 2015 11:46AM

New customised wedding tea towels. They can be bought individually as a gift for the happy couple, or if you ARE the happy couple, they can be printed in sets of 20 to give out as wedding favours. Bit of a change from sugared almonds...your guests will genuinely thank you :)

The inspiration for the print came from this old tandem I saw online. Isn't it beautiful?

I have used natural oatmeal coloured linen and dark red and charcoal inks to keep the vintagey feel to the print. I have also printed it on a soft white linen with gold and grey inks. Not sure which I like the best - what do you think?

You can buy the tea towels in the shop HERE

By jupiterred, Apr 29 2015 12:10PM

Bit harsh.

Alice in Wonderland is 150 years old this year. Let's have a tea party to celebrate - and maybe a nice new tea towel? Anyway, it's a good excuse, not that I needed one, to re-read my old well-worn copy of the book.

I chose one of Tenniel's original illustrations for my design. I love his characterisation of the feisty old Queen of Hearts.

I wanted to make a design for a tea towel that could be folded in half and used as a placemat too. I thought a playing card design would work. So. Big pot of coffee, plenty of Photoshop eraser, a nice oldey-worldey font, and some beautiful natural coloured Irish linen...

Now we just need some wee cakes. And more coffee. Or tea. Or a glass of prosecco....

You can buy the tea towels in the shop HERE

By jupiterred, Feb 6 2015 05:10PM

1. Order take-away

2. Set the table

3. Light some candles

4. Put on your favourite music

5. Pour a drink

6. Enjoy

Optional Extra - Date Night Linen Napkins! - you can find them here

And if you are interested in the design...

1. Photograph something you like (if it's in a neighbour's garden, try not to look like a weird stalker)..

2. Choose something else you like (this came up randomly on my Amazon Recommendations, remember these?)

3. Time for some unadulterated match-making (do a little dance....make a little love....)

4. They were made for each other... See napkins here

By jupiterred, Oct 19 2014 12:07PM

Well, this design has been brewing for a long time now. I wanted to make a peacock design, and fell in love with these beautiful rare white feathered peacocks...

I was researching Irish linen tablecloths and found this antique tablecloth from the Ards peninsula in Co. Down, embroidered with peacocks. I love how the feathers are little embroidered flowers...

Source: Ballard, Linda (1989) Ulster Needlework: A Continuing Tradition

While I was working on peacock designs, I was also drawing and photographing cow parsley flowers..

and somewhere along the way the peacocks and the flowers merged into one design. So here he is, my little mutant ninja peacock. Can you see him?...

I have used the fabrics for my new fold-over totes. You can see them in the Jupiter Red Shop

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